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We’ve been supplying the UK and Ireland with the highest quality Melanotan 2 (MT2)  for over 6 years with thousands loyal and satisfied customers. The quality of our products and service are second to none & we are recognised as the safest place to buy Melanotan injections and Melanotan Nasal spray in the UK and Ireland. We only supply the highest grade products and pride ourselves on our customer service and after sales service.

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Our tanning solution, Melanotan 2, also known as MT2 is a widely renowned solution that stimulates the body’s natural tanning abilities, which then allows you to tan with minimal sunlight and avoid harmful tanning hours in the sun bed, under the sun or the not so long lasting spray tans.

EasyTan Tanning Injections and Nasal Spray give you a deep long lasting tan. We know there are companies selling cheaper than us but there’s always a reason, a lot of customers who have tried these companies say either they have not received the product or it is low grade!

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Melanotan 2 : Get a golden tan.

If a perfect, even tan is the only thing left to achieve the look you’ve always wanted, EasyTan is a place you need. For over 6 years, we’ve been supplying our customers with top-grade Melanotan II (also referred to as MT2) kits with vials, nasal sprays, pins and wipes being included. All starter kits have everything you need to complete your course and get the perfect tan. All our products are tried and tested to make sure you can get the tan you deserve without those harmful effects associated with excessive UV exposure. You no longer need to spend countless hours on a sunbed which leaves you with nothing but some doubtful, short-term effects and UV-related risks. The great news is that you can still get a golden tan with minimal use of a sunbed All you need is to do is buy MT2 from a trusted supplier like EasyTan. We will help you take tanning to the next level!

How does Melanotan work?

In plain English, Melanotan 2 is a lab-made analogue of a hormone found in humans naturally. It can be either injected or inhaled using a nasal spray. Once it is used, this synthetic peptide boosts the production of melanin, a pigment that is responsible for the human skin colour.
The strong skin-darkening effects of MT2 that account for its popularity among millions of people all over the world. Even a short-term course of MT2 tanning injections is far more effective than repeated exposure to UV rays. They give people a beautiful tan with minimum effort and exposure.
Other than stimulating skin pigments by using MT2, MT2 can help those men who have trouble maintaining erections. The substance works by affecting brain receptors and is a great option for ED treatment. So, if you are keen to last longer and make your beloved happy again, be sure to add MT2 to your shopping list. Mt2 can give a heightened libido in both men and women and indeed help with erectile disfunction in some males.

It’s time to boost your melanin with melanotan from EasyTan

If you are looking to buy Melanotan 2 in the UK or Ireland, make sure you are using a secure checkout as customer safety is of the utmost importance. With your best shopping experience, security and privacy in mind, EasyTan provides you with a fully secure checkout and all our packaging is plain with no mention to the content or indeed EasyTan. When dealing with us, you can expect the best product quality, excellent customer service, privacy of the purchase and everything in between.

EasyTan has made a name for itself as the most reliable supplier of MT2 in the United Kingdom. But that doesn’t mean we are going to rest on our laurels. That is why we are always striving to add new products to the catalogue and make our all-in-one starter kits even better.
The purest MT2 is waiting for you at EasyTan! To get your tanning course started simply add injection vials or nasal spray to your cart.

A few frequently asked questions about Melanotan 2 ( Injectable Tanning Products):

What are Melanotan 2? It’s a peptide which enables you skin to have natural protection against UV Rays. Skin is the largest human organ and protects us against the environment around us including damage and hurt from exposure to ultra violet light. Melanin the pigment that colours our skin acts as a light filter reflecting and refracting ultra violet light and preventing it from damaging the skin the darker Melanin (new Melanin) is present in the skin and helps prevent the damage from ultra violet light. Melanotan 2 helps increase the body’s natural Melanin which in turn gives the skin a greater ability to tan. It’s very important you understand MT2 itself won’t protect skin from burning, the tan you achieve will protect your skin. Until your base tan is achieved you should still take care not to over-expose skin to uv rays. 

How Many times will I need to take it before I see the difference? This is all down to your skin type and how ell you normally tan, this is measured on something called the Fitzpatric scale which ranges from 1-6 (1 being the lightest of skins), lighter skins have less Melanin and therefor you would need a greater loading phase (the initial period where you would take the tanning injections daily) for the Melanotan 2 to show results. See the pic below which will show your skin type.
Fitzpatric chart see you skin type to work out how many Melanotan tanning injections you will need







Whats the difference between Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2 ? In general both Melanotan injections are extremely similar however, results have shown using Melanotan 2 gives results quicker and are longer lasting. The side effect are slightly different too, with Melanotan 2 for the first few time you may feel slight nausea, head flushes, headache and in males erections. We suggest during the loading phase you take the Melanotan II just before you go to bed, this helps you sleep through any side effects.

Whats the difference between IU’s and ml’s? The syringes we supply are in ml’s however, we understand some people already have pins at home which they would use which are in IU’s. 1 full syringe is 1ml which equates to 100IU, we suggest a maximum dosage of 0.1ml which equates to 10IU.

100 IU = 1 ML

10 IU = 0.1 ML

Likewise unmixed Melanotan 2 is measured in Mg and when mixed it becomes ml. 10mg of raw powder generally is mixed with 1ml of sterile water which would give you 1ml of water.

Do I still need sun when using Melanotan?

Melanotan 2 will not work without some form of UV exposure this could be either a sunbed or natural, however, with minimal exposure you will get a tan after a few session rather than baking in the sun all day.


“Easy Tan – Best Melanotan 2  Suppliers in the UK”

We all love to have that summer glow don’t we? Nothing better than having that summer tan. But And now that winter is fast approaching, there may be a way to keep your tan topped up during the colder periods – and it’s called Melanotan 2 and over the years I have tried most of the companies out there; as we all know they come and go but a few have been here a long time.

So, what is Melanotan II?

Melanotan 2  (otherwise known as MT2) was first synthesised at the University of Arizona. Researches there knew that one of the best defences against skin cancer was melanin activated in the skin, a tan. They hypothesised that an effective way to reduce skin cancer rates in people would be to induce the body’s natural pigmentary system to produce a protective tan prior to UV exposure. The body’s naturally occurring hormone MSH causes melanogenesis, a process by which the skin’s pigment cells (melanocytes) produce the skin’s pigment (melanin).

After synthesising and screening hundreds of molecules, the researchers found a peptide, [Nle4, D-Phe7] MSH, that was approximately 1,000 times more potent than the natural MSH. They dubbed this new peptide molecule, “Melanotan” (later Melanotan-1, now know as afamelanotide). They subsequently developed another analogue, Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-NH2), which they called “Melanotan” . The scientists hoped to use these peptides to combat melanoma by stimulating the body’s natural pigmentary mechanism to create a tan without first needing exposure to harmful levels of UV radiation. This in turn, they hypothesised, could reduce the potential for skin damage that can eventually lead to skin cancer.

So, who supplies?

Well, there are a number of UK suppliers out there – but which ones are the best and at what?

Best Customer Support

For me, this one has to go to easytan.biz.

While there are very rarely any issues, if there ever are any issues then their team – who seem very approachable and friendly – are also always on hand to deal with any issues or queries and problems are very easily sorted

They have also been known to send out vials and other products free of charge if there has been a problem – a real class act.

Fastest delivery.

This one is a tough one but I have to give it to easytan.biz on this one.

You’re told that your product will be dispatched within 24 hours of being processed and they never seem to disappoint. Their first class, signed for service always arrives on time and I have never had any issues with their products either.

Plus their next day delivery service is always on point to, I’ve never not had a package delivered by 1pm the next day so that is why they get my stamp of approval for delivery.

Customer Experience  – the best; easytan.biz

The Worst?

Me**tan rank so lowly in my opinion they are not worth a single point, in years gone by these guys were great unfortunately something has seriously gone wrong with this company, with comments like scammers, rip off merchants to name a few you’ll start to get my drift

  1. Me**tan scored a resounding 0/10 the company reviews show over an extended period they have not supplied goods and constantly took money from clients who have had to fight for it back (ref trustpilot and facebook), in essence don’t be fooled by the cheap price!

So there we go, my honest opinion from a long time user of Melanotan 2 Tanning injections, hope it’s been helpful!”

Keep your winter tan.

Saying bye bye to the summer for many years was a depressing one, I’d just managed to build up a nice tan, then in my mind I knew within a few weeks it would be back to Casper the Ghost. The in the 1980’s this wonderful invention became available to everyone the Sun Bed! This gave people the opportunity to be at home and get a tan. People of my age will remember walking down a street and seen the bright violet glow coming from a window and it was lucky them!
Since the 1980’s sun beds have certainly become stronger what used to take and hour on each side now take 2 mins in a stand up sun bed a few times a week. Then in the mid 2000’s a new product hit the market Melanotan  or tanners as they soon became known, this was a white powder called Melanotan 2 which when mixed with sterile water became an injectable solution, the popularity of the jabs went wild, with people dubbing it the Barbie Drug! Perma Tan in certain parts of the country became the norm.
Unfortunately a lot of people had an issue with the tanning injections, particularly the syringe! Back to the lab time, very quickly it was available as Melanotan Nasal Spray The spray was the perfect for the no syringe brigade!
Melanotan moved forward in leaps and bounds and was improved to the version available on the market today Melanotan 2 (MT2) this gave better and longer lasting results than the original formula. Using the Melanotan is very simple, lets look at injections, firstly when you buy make sure they are never pre-mixed, melanotan once mixed is a very fragile solution which should never be shook. Unfortunately during posting this could happen and you may not get the results you desire. There are plenty of videos online on how to inject take a look at them on youtube. You start your course taking a very small amount daily (in general 0.1ml) , after day 4 hit the sun beds a couple of times a week. You keep taking daily and hitting the sun beds until you get the colour you love. Then it’s a simple case of once a week with a sun bed when you see your tan dropping.

Please note as per our terms and warranties the information above is for information purposes only.

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